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What is VOIP

Voice over Internet protocol
Voice over Internet protocol, is a technology that allows for telephone conversations to take place over the Internet instead of land-based telephone networks. VoIP works by digitizing your voice and sending it as packets through the same networking channels as your data. This technology is one of the fastest growing markets online

What is SIP

Session Initiation Protocol
SIP, is short for Session Initiation Protocol which is an IP telephony signaling protocol that is used to to create, manage and terminate sessions in an IP based network. SIP describes the communication needed to establish a phone call. This protocol allows sessions that can range from a simple telephone call to a multimedia conference, all within an IP based environment.

What is Unified Communications

Unified communications provides the ability to integrate multiple communication tools so that individuals and businesses can manage their communication needs in one devise instead of separately. Effectively, unified communications allows the individual user to bridge the gap between VoIP and other computer related communication technologies

How can VOIP save my business money?

VoIP uses your existent high-speed broadband Internet connection, where your voice packets are broken up and sent over the Internet; technology similar to an e-mail. VoIP provides you an often higher quality connection at a cost saving advantage.
A Standard residential landline phone service, coupled with and unlimited long distance/ voice mail/caller ID/ etc., can cost anywhere from $65 to $85 per month. A VoIP provider will often provide similar services of which many of these features covered in the monthly fee. Services such as voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling, and call waiting, are often standard and are available for just $20 to $30 per month. The control over your phone connection is at your fingertips allowing you the ability to effect the changes that you want.

With Over 50 million consumers who have already made the switched, what are you waiting for. Call us now if you want to:

  • Save money
  • Experience a high quality connection
  • Enjoy office solutions that you manage

Why do we want to see your phone bill

Are you paying more than $30 a month for your home or business phone bill and want to save money?
Would you like to expand the services offered by your phone company at a reduced rate? Would you like control over the services provided and have a plan that includes in-network calling, voicemail, caller id showing the caller’s name, call waiting, plus more features than your current plan? Want to change services and still use your existing phone number?

If you answered YES, then Send us your phone bill today and we can show you the benefits to changing to a VoIP system. 2bridges VoIP service will beat traditional phone service on both price and functionality.

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