Cloud Computing by Petr Kratochvil

Cloud Computing by Petr Kratochvil

Cloud Computing.  More and more, this ominous phrase creeps into news sites, tech blogs, and even the occasional forum used for sharing captioned kitten pictures.  A quick Google image search gives the impression of a multitude of electronic devices shooting arrows of information back and forth between a shared amorphous blob.  Today’s blog is not so much about explaining in depth how this colloquially called collection of connected computers works, I’d rather spend our time together talking about how having a Managed Private Cloud can directly benefit your company.

Every moment you don’t have working technology is productivity lost.  The support team that comes hand in hand with using a Managed Private Cloud can prove an invaluable resource to your IT staff or Business Manager.  It provides them with resources to which they might not otherwise have access, and gives them new tools to simplify their lives.  This allows your staff to focus on USER experience matters instead of server management and equipment overhead.

Infrastructure costs can definitely add up.  But with a Managed Private Cloud, you no longer have to purchase expensive servers, storage equipment, routers, etc.  Also a thing of the past: having to upgrade your hardware in a never-ending cycle of trying to keep up and maintain a technical edge.  All of the physical equipment is kept safe, upgraded, and maintained by in-house data experts.

An essential safety feature included with operating in a Managed Private Cloud is being protected through the power of extreme redundancy.  Multiple power sources and redundant supplies mean not having to lose valuable time to power outages or equipment failure.  You have protection against internet outages by utilizing multiple carrier paths and access points.  While redundancy in other parts of your life may be boorish, having it in your technology is imperative.

Being able to have scalable solutions for your business is where the benefits of Cloud computing can really start to show.  You can grow as you need, or downsize if the situation is called for, without having to replace your entire network.  Your costs increase only as your business and productivity grow.

There are, of course, many more benefits to operating out of a Managed Private Cloud.  The ability to call on real people with real answers to translate technical jargon into real world terms, being one of the most indispensable.  They are there to walk you through the process and assist with any situation that may arise.