*Cryptolocker image via http://blog.malwarebytes.org* CryptoLocker is a kind of malicious software that is referred to by many as “RansomWare” because that is descriptive of what it does when you become infected, it holds your files for ransom. This software is nasty and has infected millions of computers around the world, encrypting their files and demanding money to decrypt them. Up to this point in time you must be running a

Cloud Computing.  More and more, this ominous phrase creeps into news sites, tech blogs, and even the occasional forum used for sharing captioned kitten pictures.  A quick Google image search gives the impression of a multitude of electronic devices shooting arrows of information back and forth between a shared amorphous blob.  Today’s blog is not so much about explaining in depth how this colloquially called collection of connected computers works,

iMac – Hard-drive replacement with a Samsung 840 PRO Series – SSD (Solid State Drive) & OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) install – at 2Bridges Tacoma


Aug 2013

Data Backups

Unless you’re operating your business via a stable time loop fixed in 1953, you’ve most likely eschewed the punch card in favor of a more modern type of storage.  This should be regarded as a good thing.  However, just as the technologically progressive turnip farmer circa the 1960’s wouldn’t have kept all of his valuable root vegetable data on a lone magnetic disk, today’s business owner must recognize that even

2bridges will be blanketing the entirety of Tacoma’s Art on the Ave event in sweet, sweet WiFi. Using a series of powerful antennas, 2bridges has created a two mile cloud of internet accessibility. Interested in having large event WiFi Coverage? We can help! Call us, email us or come visit our booth this Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at the Art on the Ave event on 6th ave in Tacoma, WA.