by 2bridges CIO, Ken Lombardi Don’t worry. The sky is not falling, but after we heard of this problem 2bridges Technologiesthought it was a important enough that we write a blog post to make our clients aware. Due to the level of access to your personal information this exploit allows it is a good idea to patch this on your android device as soon as possible. As our mobile devices

*Cryptolocker image via* CryptoLocker is a kind of malicious software that is referred to by many as “RansomWare” because that is descriptive of what it does when you become infected, it holds your files for ransom. This software is nasty and has infected millions of computers around the world, encrypting their files and demanding money to decrypt them. Up to this point in time you must be running a

2bridges loves security.  From bike chains, to combination lockers, to that little sealer thing on the top of ziplock bags.  One of the first lines of defense in the digital world is knowing how to correctly select a password.  Here are a few quick do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when trying to protect your personal information online: Do use both upper and lower case letters. Do include digits

The .e4 Report – VoIP products

Watch and listen to what Chris Anderson and Ken Lombardi of 2bridges have to say at SHIFT Happens 2013 in Tacoma, WA